845 Sobral Centeno Depósito Arquivo
Sobral Centeno

Designed by Colönia Design Studio "Arquivo (Depósito), Sobral Centeno", is a catalogue that introduces an anthological type, which results from the direct dialogue with the archive of the artist Sobral Centeno.

Amid the seven chapters: “África, Anos Dois Mil, Anos Dois Mil e Dez, Anos Oitenta, Livros de Artista e Anos Noventa Africa”, we meet a memory redemption that addresses with complexity the experience that gave birth to the maturation of work of one of the most important Portuguese artists of the 21st century.
The orchestration and composition by which each chapter is drawn in different rhythms and layouts, - in order to give space to the most varied texts that accompany this seminal work, unique in its kind, within the bibliography of the artist, - is the result of a composed tuning between the artist and the interpretation made by the studio.

Design: Colönia

Curator: Paulo Mendes

Thanks: Rita Roque, Rita Café


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