855 Lawrence, A Font By Colönia
Lawrence, A Font by Colönia

Lawrence was released in 2017 - as a presentation specimen of the font “Lawrence Regular” originally designed by Colönia Design Studio in 2015.
As an exercise of research, this publication expands the characteristics and behaviours of the font, drawing inspiration from Lawrence Weiner's typographic work - for whom the drawing of fonts was at the service of the methodology of his artistic work.
Lawrence also presents a section entitled “The Unicorn Issue” that runs through a suspended micro-narrative, with excerpts from dialogues that took place in the studio during the summer of 2016, - discussing the nature of existence. Photography also integrates the publication in its relationship with the body, and in partnership with the Serralves garden, - opening a new field of possibilities, to other dimensions of apprehension.
As an element to introduce “Lawrence”, this is a publication that unfolds to investigate and expand the rhythms and the existence of a font.


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