870 Draw Draw
Draw Draw

A color book for children by RITA ROQUE designed by Colönia.

A drawing can be shaped in many ways, but each drawing conceals an extraordinary mystery!
Dräw Dräw is a colouring book and it is an exercise which reflects on an affective dimension appropriated from very particular situations: children's drawings that happened naturally along multiple illustration workshops and seminars, or sometimes resulting from casual encounters, highlighted for example, from a school corridor during a visit.
This synthesis of forms, with a particular attention to the expressiveness of the portrait, has derived from various techniques and morphologies, from the most diverged materials.
Here, redrawn by Rita Roque, among countless possibilities of complicit appropriation, and thought in tune with the designer Joana Machado.
It will not be too much to say that this book may be envisaged for the little ones, but also for those who are swayed by the pleasure of colouring, or simply enjoy all the characters that are here exposing their face and their heart.


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