875 Colonia 6 years
Colonia 6 years

By revisiting the archive of Colönia Design Studio, Joana Machado unearthed a deposit of potential life, testimony that sees in the ambiguity of time and space the order of great secret and indivisible encounters.
This general system of preparation and transformation of content is how the exhibition “On and Around Time - Colönia 6 Years” is organized.
"On and Around Time - Colönia 6 Years" presented a selection of fourteen posters, seven of them fictional: - Plenty of Ligth, One Year, Untitled, Down to Earth, Narrative Furniture, Abbraccio, In Between, - which referred to works that were not concretized, making them somehow incompatible with the true time that welcomed them. Adding to them were seven concrete posters: 10 The Stamp, Blackware, Fitness, Souvenir, Crica NY, Lawrence and Utopia, all from existing projects.
In a raccord of continuity between past and present, the exhibition depicted the last six years of the studio Colönia with the most distinctive forms of presentation. Everything was intended as a dialog in site-specific, expanding the place of the designer, having in the poster the aura that promoted and revitalized the registering of the event.
This exhibition was held in the two rooms of the noble hall of Palacete Viscondes de Balsemão, between January 28, 2017 and February 25, 2017.


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