885 Photo Eco
Photo Eco

The imagetic correspondence – deliberately built – has been a constant feature in this long-term relationship between the members of The Simple Society, a collective composed by Miki Kadokura and Tilmann Steffen, from Berlin, and Colönia Design Studio, of Joana Machado, from Porto.
Miki Kakodura has named this exhibition Photo Eco, a brief summary of testimonials and experiences lived in an emotional geography between Porto, Berlin, Tainan and Hida.
This relationship is depicted in a chain of photographic images, offering eleven photographs all taken during 2016 and in all of them, every mutation and world meaning remains open.The absence of titles welcomes all possibilities.As in a correspondence game, the images echo and invade the imagination of the next element, which will provide answers to the previous image. One thing might connect them: all understand the frail precarity of reality and question the simplicity of the small, unknown gestures, as well as the invisibility of daily life.
Presented at Fort by Port among other creations from both studios, these images echoe in a suspended timeframe, capturing what one hardly can see with a mere first glimpse.


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