890 Logotipo Arte Pública
Logo Public Art


The logo P A P (initials of the Public Art Program) that forms the logo brand of the Public Art Program, is structured from the concepts of City, Space, Centre, Path and Labyrinth. Commissioned by the Municipality of Porto in 2015, this logo saw its first public appearance in the panel of Fernando Lanhas. Subsequently it was applied to other interventions.


For the exhibition “Design da Cultura, Cultura do Design”, commissioned by the Municipality of Porto and curated by Márcia Novais and Luís Nunes, four signboards in brass were presented, which refer to the different concepts: City, Space, Center, Path and Maze. In numerical order they are presented in the following themes: Plate 1. The City, Fernando Lanhas, Plate 2. Dead End # 15, João Louro, Plate 3. Kneaded Memory, Dalila Gonçalves, Plate 4. My Blood is Your Blood, Rui Chaves.

Throughout the work process, a set of labyrinth drawings was developed in order to synthesize their forms and reach the maximum simplification.


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